Softcover books are softer and flexible, which means that softcover books weigh less, making them easy to carry and somewhat more practical. We offer a wide range of coating materials, meaning your book will completely suit your content and wishes. Softcover books are most popular among leisure readers (e.g. novels), mainly because they are more affordable. They are also regularly used by advertisers and companies for promoting their products /e.g. catalogues). At Evrografis, we produce perfect bound (classic), stitched and PUR glued, OTA bind and Swiss binding. OTA-bind i Švicarski uvez

Softcover – PUR

Softcover – glued

Softcover – sewn

Softcover – glued with flaps

Softcover – sewn with flaps


The cover is glued to the book block on the side. The spine of the cover is grooved 6x, the book block is glued with the cover between the grooves, so that the spine of the book is free and not glued together with the book block.

Swiss binding

We cover the spine of the book block with cheese-cloth, the cover is grooved 3 times and is not glued to the spine of the book block, but is stuck to the back side with a narrow strip.